10-week Summer Kids Church

What is a 10 Week Blitz?

Grade school kids are going to “blitz” the main service (11:00) by worshipping with their families.

Then, after the worship and offering, they are going to “blitz” out of there to the Student Ministry Room (E112). (They will be dismissed.)

There, they will “blitz” through the New Testament with a 10 week video series, “What’s in the Bible?”

Hopefully, you parents will “blitz” right over and pick them up from the Student Ministry Room (E112), right? RIGHT?!


There are several benefits to the 10 Week Blitz!

  • I am excited for the kids to worship with their families and get a taste of the 11:00 service, while still getting a teaching time tailored to them.
  • I am excited to invite guests from VBS to join us in a setting which will be familiar to them.
  • I am excited that Pastor Chris will be available to join us for several weeks, so they get to know him!
  • I am happy that our regular kids church teams get a change of pace from their normal service.

How do I drop off/pick up my child?

If your child attends Sunday School at 9:45:

They will gather at the Backyard and blitz over to a reserved section in the OEX. (You are welcome to pick them up at this time from Sunday School before the transition 10 minutes before the service).

If your child does not attend Sunday School and comes with you to the 11:00 service:

A check in station will be available in at the OEX lobby (look for signs). Your child will check in and stay with you until he or she is dismissed from the service.

When does the 10 Week Blitz begin?

The 10 Week Blitz begins June 16 (the Sunday after most schools dismiss for summer break) and continues through August 18th. The following Sunday, August 25th, normal Kids Church resumes, coinciding with Jump Day—the day when kids move to their new classes and rising first graders join Kids Church in the Backyard.


If you have any questions, contact Pastor Evan Collier at